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1. Participation in tender procedures

Rosneft in a phased manner is transferring its tender procedures for the sale of hydrocarbons and petroleum products to an electronic trading site TEK-Torg (hereinafter - ETS).

In order to be able to use the TEK-Torg site (Petroleum Products Sale Section) one needs to obtain an electronic signature certificate (a qualified one for the Russian residents, and a non-qualified one for non-residents).

To get a qualification electronic signature certificate online please follow the link to the form or contact one of the certification centers authorized by the Russian Ministry of Communications.   For the list of all authorized certification centers please click here

Non-residents who are not registered in accordance with the Russian law may remotely obtain a non-qualification electronic signature certificate  - for this they don't have to physically be in Russia. Get the Guidelines to see the details (to order please contact Customer Support of TEK-Torg at help@tektorg.ru.)

For any questions regarding the electronic signature and participation in the digital tenders on the ETS for the sale of hydrocarbons please contact the ETS operator's Customer Support at + 7 (495) 734-81-18 or help@tektorg.ru.

2. Qualification of the buyers 

Potential buyers who want to participate in the tenders for the sale of Rosneft hydrocarbons and petroleum products should meet qualification criteria.

In order to get qualified for participation in tenders the following documents should be provided:

3. How to submit your qualification documents.

The documents for the qualification assessment are submitted for review electronically on the TEK-Torg site https://www.tektorg.ru/tenders.

After you register as a tender participant at TEK-Torg you should apply for qualification assessment. For this go to "Rosneft Hydrocarbons Sale" menu («
« »), select "Qualification Assessment" (« »), then "Apply" (« ».) The qualification assessment application form will open where the main information about the company will be uneditable.

Rosneft reserves the right not to accept incomplete documentation packages and the documents not meeting the requirements of the application format for review.

4. Contact details:

The ETS operator's Customer Support:

Telephone: + 7 (495) 734-81-18
E-mail: help@tektorg.ru
(please write "qualification assessment of the buyer (buyer's name)" in the subject line)

Rosneft Oil Company 

(please write "qualification assessment of the buyer (buyer's name)" in the subject line)