Beware of Fraudsters

On prevention of fraudulent actions related to invitations to participate in tenders/procurements

Rosneft identifies cases of fraudulent actions by third parties, which on behalf of the Company invite organizations to participate in closed procurements / tenders, allegedly carried out by Rosneft or Rosneft Group Subsidiaries.

Invitations are sent from electronic mailboxes of domains not owned by Rosneft or Rosneft Group Subsidiaries, including:

rnzakup.ru, rntender.ru, snabzhenie-rn.ru, rn-torg.ru, bash-neft.com, aobash-neft.ru, zakupki-rn.ru, el-torg-rf.ru, togten.ru, rotender.ru, dotdl.ru, rn-standart.ru, rn-opt.ru, rn-broker.ru, rn-msk.su, msk-rn.ru etc., nd also from other anonymized servers (org-site.ru, ast-auction.ru, internet.ru, contodl.ru).

At the same time, fraudsters request from potential bidders the certificates, which are not required by Russian law.

In connection with the enquiries received, Rosneft advises that:

The Company does not send invitations to participate in procurements/tenders from third-party domains.

The official procurement/tender procedures of the Company and the required documents are available on Rosneft's websites by clicking the link:

Documents of Electronic Trading Facility TEK-Torg JSC, Section Procurement Procedures of Rosneft .

Documents of Electronic Trading Facility of TEK-Torg JSC, Section Rosneft Hydrocarbons Sales .

We urge you to exercise the utmost vigilance and not to respond to dubious offers from persons who cannot be identified with certainty.

Please note that such offers may be made for fraudulent purposes.

Should you fall victim to such offers, you should file a complaint with the law-enforcement authorities under national law.

To ensure the security of our contractors, we collect information about common fraudulent schemes. If you become aware of such fraudulent activities, please notify us at the Security Hotline (https://www.rosneft.ru/Development/safety_hotline/ )

Contacts of Security Hotline:

  • Multi-channel telephone number: 8 800 500 25 45 (24 hours a day, free of charge, from any location in the country);
  • E/mail: sec_hotline@rosneft.ru;
  • Mail Address: 119180, Moscow, 3/9 Bolshaya Polyanka Street, P.O. Box 13, Security Hotline.