Ladies and Gentlemen!

Recently, fraud actions allegedly in the name of Rosneft and the Group Subsidiaries have become more frequent.

In particular, fraudsters in the Internet promise to mediate services in awarding relevant contracts and ask to make an advance payment.

To create an illusion of attribution to Rosneft, they give a link to the Company's website and provide corporate contact information including the full name and position of Rosneft managers.

Thus, July-September 2017 demonstrate an increase in the number of applications by the Company's customers regarding proposals to participate in tenders related to hydrocarbons purchase with a reference to the website: http://rosneft-tender.ru and http://tender-rosneft.ru, which is almost identical to the official website of the Company: http://tender.rosneft.ru.

In view of the above, please review the information published on the official website of the Company, "Beware of Fraud" section: https://www.rosneft.ru/Investors/beware/.

When the occasion requires, you should contact law enforcement agencies in the framework of the national legislation for any fraud cases.

The management of Rosneft strongly recommends that you ignore any doubtful business proposals and in no case transfer any money.

To ensure the security of our counterparties, we collect information on common fraud schemes. If you become aware of such fraud business, please let us know about it on the Hotline:

  • switchboard: 8 800 500 25 45 (round the clock, free, from anywhere in the country);
  • e-mail: sec_hotline@rosneft.ru;
  • postal address: 119180, Moscow, 3/9 B. Polyanka, POB 13, Security Hotline

Be careful!