Disposal of Idle Assets

Regional disposals of idle assets in Rosneft

Subsidiaries of Rosneft regularly dispose idle assets and illiquid inventories (materials or equipment) through tender bids (auctions). All interested legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are welcomed to participate in the bids.

Bidders Application Form (Disposal of Idle Assets)
Bidders Questionnaire Form (Disposal of Idle Assets)
List of Bidding Documents
Sample of the envelope with bidding documents

Auction (Bidding) Rules:

The auctions may be held as ascending or descending price auctions.
Bid Increment: 5% of the start price.
Bid Decrement: 1% of the start price.

The documents may be submitted by representative of the bidder, or express mailed, or delivered by courier to the address specified in announcement of the auction.

Subsidiaries of Rosneft reserve the right to reject any submission if not executed in specified format or submitted without supporting documents. The bids are not public offer.

List of Rosneft idle assets for disposal (as of 30.11.2013)

Current Bids

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