Invitation to tender for lot 06/2-24 ALCOHOL in February 2022

[  14.01.2022 .  19.01.2022 .]
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Applications shall not be considered if submitted by Buyers who failed to provide documents for pre-screening in connection with tender pre-qualification and/or failed to successfully pass pre-screening for tender pre-qualification. (For a list of documents required for prescreening in connection with tender pre-qualification please refer to the Potential Buyers Pre-qualification in the Area of Hydrocarbons and Petroleum/Gas/Petrochemical Products Sales section of the website http://tender.rosneft.ru).

Taking into account interest of your esteemed company towards establishment or continuation of business cooperation with Rosneft Oil Company oil products sales, we suggest that you send price quotations on the lot 06/2-24 to purchase products under the offer selection procedure.