Materials and Equipment Supplies

Rules and forms of accreditation for M&E Suppliers

The competitors willing to participate in the bids, duly announced on the official site of the Company in Applicable Bidding Procedures for Rosneft Suppliers of Materials and Equipment, section, are required to deliver documents for accreditation to the address and in time specified in announcement on the beginning of the bids.

The bidders may be accredited by the Companys Headquarters only in the framework of centralized bids (M&E supplies operator), the announcement on the beginning of which is normally posted in relevant section of the site.

Rules of accreditation and list of documents required for accreditation:

Rosneft reserves the right to reject any submission if not executed in specified format or submitted without supporting documents.

Important Note:

Accreditation and prequalification in Rosneft is free of charge for all bidders.

The addresses for submission of documents for the bids in Subsidiaries are normally specified in the announcements on the beginning of the bids.

Documents for the bids organized centrally by the Companys Headquarters shall be:

1. Deliveredby express mail or courier to the address: 115054, Moscow, Dubininskaya 31A (entrance to the mail acceptance room in the left wing of the building) or

2. Mailed to the address: 117997, Moscow, Sofiyskaya Embankment 26/1

Attn.: Rosneft , Contract Procurement Department (accreditation for supplies of M&E)

Contact Phone: +7 (499) 517-88-88 (ext.): 54-02, 40-21, 51-73 or 40-62